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May 25 2013



Documentation format for REST APIs. There are supporting tools for generating clients, servers, and a test website.

April 11 2012


PHP: a fractal of bad design

If anyone doubts why PHP is a bad idea(tm): Refer to this rant :-)

August 24 2010


February 03 2010


Facebooks PHP-Compiler

Gerüchte gab's schon seit geraumer Zeit, daß Facebook an einem PHP-Compiler baut - so war es auch in dem Interview mit dem Facebook-Angestellten zu lesen:

He (an engineer) is creating HPHP, Hyper-PHP, which means he’s literally rewriting the entire language. (...) So this engineer is converting the site from one that runs on a scripted language to one that runs on a compiled language. (...) We’re going to reduce our CPU usage on our servers by 80%

Nun hat Facebook das Projekt offiziell unter dem Namen "HipHop" bekanntgegeben. Es soll als Open-Source-Software allgemein verfügbar gemacht werden.


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